February 2021

Our February spiritual theme in keeping with our yearly theme of Walk With Jesus our Living Hope is the miracle of Jesus Healing the Ten Lepers.  In line with this we are encouraged to heal each other by celebrating each other’s gifts through verbal and written messages of love and encouragement.  We can also use our hearts, minds, souls and strength to participate fully in Jump Rope for Heart, Lent, Valentine’s/Red Day, and Pink Day.

We continue to welcome our students daily to full time in school instruction with increased health and safety measures in place. 

Please see our OLGC School February 2021 Safety Plan and be familiar with our daily OLGC School Daily Health Screening Form to be used daily by parents amd staff. 

Our OLGC Staff  are eager to help our families and studens live out this year theme:Walk with Jesus Our Living Hope.

Please see below for relavant school documents: